Farming Methods

The sows are housed in social groups in deeply strawed tented lodges with free access to roam, feed, sleep or wallow at will.

By farrowing in individual arcs set in small paddocks there is freedom for the piglets after a few days from birth.

Whether it is the light sandy free draining soil in the coastal area of Suffolk or the pasture covered chalk on the Kent North Downs, the pigs have ideal conditions for a free range life cycle.

On these farms the young pigs are fed with a highly nutritious creep and weaner diet to encourage growth and enhance gut condition for optimum health and happiness.

Then with a carefully balanced  diet including as much as 20% apple pulp  from a local cider factory added to the cereal and protein to encourage appetite and enhance the flavour of the finished pork.

Growing pigs will be housed in social groups with free access to well strawed tented lodges which are nice and snug in winter and cool in summer in a large paddock area overlooking the river Alde and its estuary.

Straw is gathered at harvest from numerous local farms in order to provide nice warm bedding of a manipulable material with which the pig can play or chew.

Only the most suitable breeds  are used combining  lifestyle  with eating quality.

Some of our free range pigs are guided into large outdoor pens with tents later on to help with growth. These we class as outdoor reared.

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